Northern StorytellerĀ originally began as a project to encourage youth in Northwestern Ontario to express themselves through writing and literacy. And while that will always be a goal of mine, I realized that I could expand the scope of my project to include the new directions my career has taken me.

I will always be a Northern Girl at heart and I will always be an advocate for my home. So now, in addition to helping youth pursue their passions in writing, I am also going to be using this site to host my research and creations related to writing and librarianship.

Being a Northern Storyteller means telling my story in any way I see fit and I hope you’ll join me on this adventure.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox is my online playroom for games. Here you will my original creations that I have tagged CC-BY for use by others. My academic research interests are centred around the gamification of library instruction and library concepts. I believe in creating engaging and active experiences in the classroom to further learning in all subjects. In my Sandbox, feel free to take a look at the games I’ve created, explore my methodology and discussion sections, and of course, use any of the games for your own teaching.

The NWO Blog

This page provides my thoughts and outlooks on the state of Northwestern Ontario and its relation to Canada as a whole. The idea behind Northern Storyteller was to find ways to connect with my community. Since moving from the area to pursue my career, I’ve realized that no matter how far I go, I will never truly leave my home behind. In all parts of my life I am an advocate for my community, be it in the NWO or at work in the library.