photo by Courtney Boudreau

Amanda Wheatley

A writer, community advocate, youth instructor and bibliophile from Dryden, Ontario. Amanda is passionate about using writing and literacy to express the plights of the North and give a voice to people who may not know how to use their own. Her dedication to community spirit and self-discovery drives her to succeed.

With three diplomas under her belt, Amanda is well versed in writing for academic and creative purposes and is in the midst of publishing her first novel. She has recently taken on journalism for a small Northwestern Ontario newspaper, The Rising Sun. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in English, a Creative Book Publishing Certificate, and a Master of Library and Information Science. Using every facet of her knowledge and experience, Amanda has crafted a workshop designed to enhance the writing of youth and promote self-expression.

No stranger to controversial issues, Amanda loves to take on all forms of writing to engage with personal and social topics. She recognizes that the voices in the North do not always carry to the South. As a result, she created Northern Storyteller to promote Northern living and the resilient people searching for a way to let their voices shine.

first they took my ears
so they could control
the things I heard
my eyes went next
to keep me
from seeing the truth
and when I was lost
in the dark
with no light and no sound
they came for my voice