Let Us Be Heard

As most of us in the area know, there is a lot of turmoil surrounding the Dryden Firefighters Association and the City of Dryden. For a while I was fairly keen to stay out of the entire debate, thinking that my voice didn’t really have a place. That was over a month ago. I’ve watched … More Let Us Be Heard

A Christmas Memory

A Christmas Memory: A short story   Mama always made the same chocolate chip cookies in the weeks before Christmas. And every year I would stand around as she baked them. With her back turned I would steal a chunk of cookie dough off the counter top. She pretended like she didn’t know, but mothers … More A Christmas Memory

Not For Sale

Another local business has announced it will be closing. And for now we are sad. We cry about what a shame it is, and blame it on changing times. We share Facebook posts and status updates, and pledge to do better. But the pledge is short lived because haven’t you heard of that app that … More Not For Sale

Youth Writing Workshop

I am pleased to announce that I will be holding my first Youth Writing Workshop, Saturday August 20th at the Dryden Public Library. The workshop will include overviews on creativity, writing styles, marketing, publishing and experimental formats. These are all areas I have been extensively involved with over the past six years and I am … More Youth Writing Workshop

We Are Here

Growing up in Northwestern Ontario, in a small town far from urban centres, I never realized just how isolated my childhood was until I was about twelve or thirteen. It never struck me as odd that we only had one movie theatre with a single screen, and because it took so long to send the … More We Are Here